"Each person's actions were fully consistent with the interpretations he brought, an interpretation that will persist across time, across events, across circumstances. Our job as coaches will be to understand the client's structure of interpretation, then in partnership alter this structure so that the actions that follow bring about the intended outcome." James Flaherty

Coaching is about understanding the client's structure of interpretation (way of being), our way of being is the underlying driver of communication and behaviour. Our perceptions and attitudes, many of which may be deep seated and out of awareness, exist in our way of being. Change in these perceptions and attitudes can result in the removal of significant barriers to learning, and the spontaneous development of more effective patterns of communication and behaviour.

As a society we live the majority of our lives "in our heads", ignoring our own body's wisdom. The body is where change happens, it can be incredibly powerful, to sit with 'not-knowing', to be open to whatever emerges in a non-judgmental, curious, compassionate way.

Through the Coaching process and Mindful practice, my goal is to support clients in becoming more powerful observers, capable of being more self-generating as learners, to continually develop more flexible and effective modes of thinking, communicating and behaving for the benefit of themselves and others. We will also explore networks of support to help facilitate change and identify barriers that could hinder the development of change.

Who would benefit from Coaching?

Nancy Kline, in her book Time to Think, speaks of listening in a particular way that ignites the human mind. The quality of attention determines the quality of the other's thinking. Coaching provides this type of "thinking environment."

Coaching would benefit anyone who would value the opportunity to engage in such a "thinking environment" relating to any topic in which they feel stuck or desire growth. As the Coach my purpose is to listen with open curious attention so that the client's mind is ignited with new seeing and ideas. Together as Coach and client designing a programme to develop and build capacity to support change and growth.

A Coaching programme is a minimum of 8 sessions every second week (4 month process) this may extend longer if necessary, however does not usually extend beyond a 12 month period.

Rates: R550 per session
Coaching programme minimum of 8 sessions

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